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Thinking Outside the "Talk" Box

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Cisco IP Phones, part of the Cisco AVVID IP Telephony solution, are a new breed of phone that offer features such as call accounting, information delivery, and much more. Learn about IP Phone services that help customers increase productivity, solve business problems, and generate greater revenue.

School Tools

AAC, a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, developed a suite of services called PhoneTop K-12. A school district in the northeast US uses PhoneTop K-12 on their Cisco AVVID IP telephony network to replace tedious, handwritten tasks such as taking attendance and issuing hall passes. The phones also provide classroom schedules on demand as well as pictures of the students—a welcome security enhancement (Figure 2). Through the power of IP phone services, the school district was able to simplify several cumbersome administrative processes, further leveraging the investment they had already made in their IP telephony network.

Figure 2FIGURE 2: School personnel can view student photos right on the phone.

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