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Untethered: Watching Live TV on Your Laptop Without Wires


  1. Server-Side Setup
  2. Client-Side Setup
  3. Final Notes

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Imagine being able to watch live television on your laptop without any wires. Now imagine no more — you'll learn the step-by-step procedure right here. With some inexpensive hardware, a desktop and laptop, and a wireless network, you'll be ready to go in no time.

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Client-Side Setup

Now that you have your server broadcasting your incoming TV signal, you need to configure your client (your laptop) to listen for the broadcast stream. Don't worry, this part is painless. Simply fire up Windows Media Player and choose File, Open URL. Then specify the URL of the stream you jotted down earlier. In my case, it was (see Figure 21).

Figure 21

Figure 21 Specifying the URL of your broadcast.

When you click OK, you should start seeing your live TV signal in Windows Media Player (see Figure 22). Note that the word "live" is a bit misleading; there might be a bit of delay caused by the encoding process and by the wireless transmission of the stream, but you should experience no major lag.

If you run into problems connecting to the server's stream from your client machine, make sure that firewalls on both machines are configured to allow for incoming and outgoing connections, respectively.

Figure 22

Figure 22 Watching the live broadcast on your client machine with Windows Media Player.

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