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The Business Side of Hosting a Hotspot

Chapter Description

Eric Geier explains the benefits of hosting a hotspot, such as generating additional revenue and attracting more people to your business or organization, and the associated costs of doing so. This will help you decide which type of hotspot is best for your particular situation.

Chapter Review

Now you should have a better feeling of the benefits and costs that are associated with hosting a Wi-Fi hotspot and which type you want to implement.

Remember the main benefits of hosting a hotspot:

  • Providing wireless Internet access for your visitors
  • Attracting people to your location
  • Generating additional revenue
  • Creating a private network for your own use

In addition, do not forget the costs:

  • Internet service—$60 or more per month
  • Equipment—$40–$500 one time
  • Installation—1–2 days of your time
  • Ongoing support—A few hours each month