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Building a Security Strategy

Chapter Description

Bob Vachon introduces network security-related concepts and summarizes how security policies are implemented using a lifecycle approach.

Threat Control and Containment

The Cisco threat control and containment solution regulates network access, isolates infected systems, prevents intrusions, and protects critical business assets. This solution counteracts malicious traffic before it affects a business.

Threat prevention products include the following:

Cisco ASAs

The Adaptive Security Appliance devices provide proven firewall services and integration of VPN and IPS technologies.

Cisco ISRs

Integrated Services Routers provide network security controls using zone-based policy firewall (ZPF), IOS IPS, and VPN technologies.

Cisco IPS

Intrusion prevention is provided using dedicated appliances or is integrated into ASA and ISR devices. These IPS sensors support a variety of IPS technologies, including signature-based, anomaly-based, policy-based, and reputation-based techniques.

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