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Networking Cisco Learning Lab Bundle, 3rd Edition


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Book features

  • Links basic concepts to real-world configuration, analysis, and troubleshooting tasks
  • Includes extensive problem sets, summaries, questions, and critical thinking exercises
  • Comes complete with hands-on NetChallenge software
  • CD-ROM includes Net-Challenge Simulation Software, including 6 labs, and the Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer Software examples.
  • Test Bank, Power Points, Instructor Labs, and instructor's edition available for course use

Key Pedagogical Features

  • NET-CHALLENGE SIMULATION SOFTWARE provides hands-on experience with entering router and switch commands, setting up functions, and configuring interfaces and protocols
  • WIRESHARK NETWORK PROTOCOL ANALYZER presents techniques and examples of data traffic analysis throughout
  • PROVEN TOOLS FOR MORE EFFECTIVE LEARNING & NETWORK+ PREP, including chapter outlines, summaries, and Network+ objectives
  • WORKING EXAMPLES IN EVERY CHAPTER to reinforce key concepts and promote mastery
  • KEY TERM DEFINITIONS, LISTINGS & EXTENSIVE GLOSSARY to help you master the language of networking
  • QUESTIONS, PROBLEMS, AND CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS to help you deepen your understanding

Cisco Learning Labs Features

  • These 29 labs provide a high-fidelity, cloud-based lab experience
  • Access is over the internet, so students can work at times and places convenient for them: no more scheduling lab time
  • Academic institutions are spared the effort and expense of hosting a physical lab

  • Copyright 2013
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 1-58720-450-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-450-0

This value pack provides a total solution for an introductory networking course. It consists of the third edition of Beasley's practical text Networking Essentials packaged with a series of 29 virtual learning labs developed by Cisco.

Networking Essentials, Third Edition, is a practical, up-to-date, and hands-on guide to the basics of networking. Written from the viewpoint of a working network administrator, it requires absolutely no experience with either network concepts or day-to-day network management.  It includes expanded coverage of cabling, a new introduction to IPv6, and new chapters on basic switch configuration and troubleshooting. Its wireless and security chapters now focus strictly on introductory material, and you will also find up-to-date introductions to twisted-pair and fiber optic cabling, TCP/IP protocols, Internet and LAN interconnections, and basic network problem identification and resolution. Clear goals are outlined for each chapter, and every concept is introduced in easy to understand language that explains how and why networking technologies are used. Each chapter is packed with real-world examples and practical exercises that reinforce all concepts and guide you through using them to configure, analyze, and fix networks.

The Cisco Learning Labs provide students a cloud-based lab experience running Cisco’s IOS software on Unix virtual devices.  Unlike lab simulations, these virtual labs provide a high-fidelity experience, where students see exactly what they would encounter in a real lab environment. Each student connects to Cisco via the Internet to gain accesses his or her own set of active devices.  Because the devices are virtual, there's no need for students to schedule time in a physical lab.  Instead, they can access their labs at times and locations that are most convenient for them.

Academic institutions are spared the effort and expense of hosting a physical lab.  This saves costs associated with buying and maintaining equipment, purchasing software licenses, provisioning for power and air conditioning, etc.  Schools don’t have to worry about securing and staffing a physical facility or about scheduling students for lab time.

Table of Contents

Book TOC:


Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Networks

Chapter 2 Physical Layer Cabling: Twisted Pair

Chapter 3 Physical Layer Cabling: Fiber Optics

Chapter 4 Wireless Networking

Chapter 5 Interconnecting the LANs

Chapter 6 TCP/IP

Chapter 7 Introduction to Router Configuration

Chapter 8 Introduction to Switch Configuration

Chapter 9 Routing Protocols

Chapter 10 Internet Technologies: Out to the Internet

Chapter 11 Troubleshooting

Chapter 12 Network Security

Lab TOC:

Configuration Labs:

1: Basic Router Configuration and the Command-Line Interface

2: Configuring Static Routes

3: Configuring RIP V2 Routing

4:  Configuring OSPF Routing

5: Configuring EIGRP Routing

6: Router Configuration Challenge

7: Basic Switch Configuration and the Command-Line Interface

8: Static VLAN Configuration and Trunking

9: Switch Configuration Challenge

10: Configuring Dynamic NAT with Overload

11: IPv6 Configuration and IP Address Management

12. Configuring Switch Port Security

13. Network Security

Troubleshooting Labs:

1. Router Configuration

2. Routing Protocols

3. Switch and VLAN Problems

4. Frame Relay

5. VLN and Routing Problems

6. Access LIsts

7. Router/NAT Configuration

8. Switch and VLAN Problems

9. IPv6 Configuration Problems

Exam Labs:

1. Final Router Configuration Challenge

2. Final Switch Configuration Challenge

3. Switch and Router Security Exam

4. VLAN Configuration Final Exam

5. Configuring Access Lists

6. NAT/PAT Configuration Lab Exam

7. Final Router Configuration Exam

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