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On-Box Automation and Operations Tools

Chapter Description

In this chapter from Programming and Automating Cisco Networks, authors Ryan Tischer and Jason Gooley cover the following on-box automation tools in greater detail; Auto SmartPorts, AutoConf, Auto Security, AutoQoS, Smart Call Home, Tcl Shell, and Embedded Event Manager (EEM)


By automating daily configuration tasks, you gain some of the following benefits:

  • Increased agility

  • Reduced Opex

  • Lower overall TCO

  • Streamlined management

  • Reduction of human error

  • Increased visibility

Keeping the above in mind, then adding the fact that many organizations are dealing with lean IT problems and high turnover, network engineers are being asked to do more with less. Utilizing some of the tools that were covered in this chapter can help alleviate some of the pressure put on IT staff by offloading some of the more tedious, time-consuming, and repetitious tasks. This will allow the network engineer to focus more on critical mission responsibilities like network design and growth planning.

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