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Cisco IP Telephony Flash Cards: Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)
By Kevin Wallace
Nov 24, 2004
This chapter provides an overvew of Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) for Cisco IP Telephony, including Question & Answer flash cards to help you prepare for the Cisco IP Telephony Exam.
Planning the Cisco CallManager Implementation
By Salvatore Collora, Ed Leonhardt, Anne Smith
Sep 24, 2004
Planning, designing, and implementing a Cisco IP Telephony solution is a much more manageable task if you carefully consider each step outlined in this chapter before moving on to each subsequent step.
Cisco Unity: About Unified Messaging
By Todd Stone, Dustin Grant, Jeff Lindborg, Steve Olivier
Sep 17, 2004
Unified messaging is a wonderful utility for your users, but it can be a headache for administrators. This chapter discusses the challenges associated with unified messaging as a part of the voice data convergence paradigm for the messaging application layer.
A Cisco Telephony Architecture Evolution
By Stephanie Carhee
Sep 3, 2004
This chapter introduces the concept of ROI, and provides the background and reasoning behind Cisco's decision to migrate to an all-IP network.
IP Telephony Development Tools
By Kevin Brown
May 28, 2004
Kevin Brown describes how the power and flexibility of IP Telephony systems can enhancing the way a company does business.
Migrating to IP Telephony? Top Ten Tips for Guiding a Successful IP Telephony Implementation
By Stephanie Carhee
May 28, 2004
Stephanie Carhee provides her top ten tips for project managing an enterprise-wide IP telephony implementation.
Haven't We Been Here Before? A Case for IP Telephony
By Kevin Brown
Feb 13, 2004
In this sample chapter, Kevin Brown explains why a PBX, despite its high reliability, is not a solution for convergence.
Classification and Marking for Cisco DQOS and QOS Exams
By Michael J. Cavanaugh, Wendell Odom
Sep 19, 2003
Brush up on your skills with this review of exam topics and objectives for the Cisco DQOS and QoS exams.
Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony
By Paul Giralt, Addis Hallmark, Anne Smith
May 2, 2003
CCNP BSCI Exam: Using OSPF Across Multiple Areas
By Clare Gough
Apr 25, 2003
5 Questions with Cisco Systems' Telephony Expert Anne Smith
By Anne Smith
Jan 31, 2003
Offering Bundled Voice and Data Services
By James F. Durkin
Oct 11, 2002
Thinking Outside the "Talk" Box
By Anne Smith
Sep 13, 2002
In this article you'll learn about IP Phone services that help customers increase productivity, solve business problems, and even generate revenue. The article provides case studies and inspiration for developing custom phone services and applications that run on Cisco IP Phones.
Demystifying Convergence and VoIP
By Anne Smith
Aug 9, 2002
Convergence eliminates the need for duplicate hardware and special vendors. Learn how Voice over IP (VoIP) uses the Internet Protocol to deliver voice traffic over a converged network.
Cisco OSPF Route Redistribution
By William R. Parkhurst
Jul 5, 2002
Use this complete reference to Cisco OSPF commands next time your network needs route redistribution. Ten example scenarios clearly illustrate the purpose, syntax, and usage of each command.
Make the Right Call: Cisco's AVVID
By Robert Richardson
Jun 21, 2002
Robert Richardson discusses the pros and cons of Cisco's AVVID — what the industry's been talking about all along for pure IP convergence: smart IP phones plugged into an Ethernet network full of conventional switches and routers. Plenty of issues need to be ironed out, though.
Voice, IP, and ATM MPLS Features
By Tracy L Thorpe
May 17, 2002
This chapter presents the Cisco Voice Interworking Service Module set of features and the solutions provided by this voice card, including Voice Over AAL2, Voice over ATM, and Voice over IP networks.

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