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Where can I purchase Cisco Press books?
You can purchase Cisco Press titles on, in bookstores, and from online resellers.

How can I find ordering and shipping information?
Visit the Ordering and Shipping Information page to learn about shipping options, prices, and stipulations, as well as find information on backordered products, billing, tax, and returns.

I'm an educator and am interested in using one of your books in my course. Do you have an academic review or deskcopy program?
We certainly do. Cisco Press is represented by the Pearson Education sales force. Please follow these simple directions to submit your deskcopy requests:

  1. Go to the catalog page of the book you would like to sample.
  2. Click the "Instructor" review copy link.
  3. Request your book via the Pearson site.
  4. Your Pearson representative will be automatically notified to follow up and provide you with a sample.

I'm an educator and would like to place a book order. How do I do that?
You may locate your Pearson Education sales representative by visiting the online rep locator.

How do I open a corporate account for bulk purchases?
For corporate bulk purchases for US companies (minimum of 25 copies), you can email the details of your inquiry if you need to set up an account. You can also call customer service at 800-992-0579. If you already have an account, you can register to use OASIS to request quotes and place orders. Corporate orders are subject to tax and shipping charges.

How do discount codes work?
If you have received a discount code, you will have the option to enter it during checkout. Codes that can be used more than once are saved to your account, so you may also select a code to use during checkout.

Discounts are applied to the list price of a product, not the already discounted price displayed on product pages.

Some products are not eligible to receive additional discounts, so your discount code may not be applied to all items in your cart. Discount codes cannot be applied to:

  • eBook Deal of the Week
  • Video Deal of the Week
  • eBooks that are part of a book/eBook bundle purchase
  • Promotional "bundles"
  • Products with special discounts applied as part of a promotional offering
  • Products that are being promoted at one of our retail partner sites

Only one coupon can be used per order.


How do I download an electronic product?
When you purchase an eBook from us, you will receive a link in your Order Confirmation email to access the eBook via your Account page. Features

I'm looking for additional files that are mentioned in a particular Cisco Press book, and are supposed to be posted online. Where will I find them?
If you're looking for additional files that are mentioned in a particular book, visit our Product Support page to find any downloadable files or errata for a title in your Cisco Press library. Enter the ISBN and then visit the product catalog page to find any available files. If no "Downloads" or "Updates" tabs appear on the page, then there are currently no downloadable or errata files available.

How can I learn more about Cisco certifications and resources for exam preparation?
Networking professionals have the opportunity to pursue many different kinds of Cisco certification, from CCNA to CCIE. Visit our Certification Info section to learn about the different certification options, what is required for each, and what self-study resources Cisco Press provides for foundation learning and exam preparation.

How do I use the Search function on
You can search by title, author, keyword or ISBN. The 13-digit product ISBN is located on the back of your book, above the bar code.


How can I subscribe to a Cisco Press newsletter?
Cisco Press newsletters alert you to new releases, discounts, and special offers. All you need is your email address to subscribe. If you are a member, just log in and click "Manage Newsletters."

How do I unsubscribe from a newsletter?
Visit the unsubscribe page and enter your email address, or log in to and click on "Manage Newsletters." Remove the check mark next to the box for the newsletter you wish to unsubscribe from and click "Submit."

Writing & Reviewing for Cisco Press

How can I become a Cisco Press author or technical editor?
If you are interested in becoming a Cisco Press author or technical editor, please visit our Write for Us page for submission requirements and editorial contact information.