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arrow What's the Purpose of the Network?
As a network designer, understanding the purpose and goal of the network is critical to properly designing it. Zig Zsiga, author of Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE 400-007) Official Cert Guide, covers the service design topics—from business applications and service models, to the cloud and data management—you need to meet business objectives and prepare for your certification exam.

arrow Introduction: A License to Design
Design methodology isn't just focused on technology; an architect or designer also needs to focus on business priorities to bring true value to a solution. Martin J. Duggan, author of CCDE v3 Practice Labs: Preparing for the Cisco Certified Design Expert Lab Exam, explores what you can expect in the CCDE v3 Practice Exam.

arrow Management
With more people accessing your business through a digital experience, application performance is more critical than ever, and managing resources across your complex IT environment has big implications on user experience and costs. In this sample chapter from Cisco Cloud Infrastructure, you will learn about workload management solutions including Intersight Workload Optimization Manager (IWO) and Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service.

arrow Routing Information Protocol (RIPv2)
The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is a perfect example of a simple distance vector routing protocol that follows all the standard distance vector designs. In this sample chapter from CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Foundation, 2nd Edition, you will explore the simplicity of RIP configuration, advanced RIP filtering scenarios, and RIP configuration challenges.

arrow Understanding ACI Hardware and Topologies
ACI is designed to allow small and large enterprises and service providers to build massively scalable data centers using a relatively small number of very flexible topologies. In this sample chapter from CCNP Data Center Application Centric Infrastructure 300-620 DCACI Official Cert Guide, the author team details the topologies with which an ACI fabric can be built or extended.

arrow Python Functions, Classes, and Modules
Building Python functions allows for the creation of reusable code and is the first step toward writing object-oriented code. In this sample chapter from Cisco Certified DevNet Associate DEVASC 200-901 Official Cert Guide, you will review working with and building Python functions. It also introduces how Python modules can extend the capabilities of Python and make your job of coding much easier.