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Network Design



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Free Chapters and Articles

arrow CI/CD pipeline for NetDevOps
Jenkins is an open-source tool used for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Jenkins can be used to create a NetDevOps pipeline for a Data Center environment that has Cisco Nexus Switches. In this sample chapter from Automating and Orchestrating Networks with NetDevOps, the authors provide a high-level overview of the steps in the Jenkins Pipeline.

arrow Routing Information Protocol (RIPv2)
The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is a perfect example of a simple distance vector routing protocol that follows all the standard distance vector designs. In this sample chapter from CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Foundation, 2nd Edition, you will explore the simplicity of RIP configuration, advanced RIP filtering scenarios, and RIP configuration challenges.

arrow Workload Optimization
Workload Optimizer is an analytical decision engine that generates actions that drive the IT environment toward a desired state where workload performance is assured and cost is minimized. In this sample chapter from Cisco Intersight: A Handbook for Intelligent Cloud Operations, you will explore how Workload Optimizer helps applications perform well while simultaneously minimizing cost (in a public cloud) and optimizing resource utilization (on premises) while also complying with workload policies.

arrow Port Channels and vPCs
Port Channel technology allows multiple links between two participating devices to be used to forward traffic by using a load-balancing algorithm. vPC (virtual port channel) technology allows multiple devices to form a port channel. In this sample chapter from Cisco Data Center Fundamentals, the authors discuss Ethernet port channels, including port channel modes, port channel compatibility requirements, and port channel load balancing.

arrow Firewall deployment in Routed Mode
You can deploy a Secure Firewall threat defense as a default gateway for your network so that the end users can use the threat defense to communicate with a different subnet or to connect to the Internet. This sample chapter from CCNP Security Cisco Secure Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System Official Cert Guide describes the processes to deploy a threat defense in routed mode.

arrow Network and wireless security
This sample chapter from Understanding and Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers covers the security aspects of the Catalyst 9800 controller. The biggest aspect revolves around AAA, which is either locally handled by the controller or delegated to an external RADIUS or TACACS server.