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Introduction to BGP

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Routing TCP/IP, Volume II: CCIE Professional Development, 2nd Edition, author Jeff Doyle covers the basic operation of BGP, including its message types, how the messages are used, and the format of the messages. You also learn about the various basic attributes BGP can associate with a route and how it uses these attributes to choose a best path. Finally, this chapter shows you how to configure and troubleshoot BGP peering sessions.

Looking Ahead

This chapter provided you with a thorough grounding in the configuration and troubleshooting of BGP peering sessions and their underlying TCP sessions. But you surely have noticed that throughout the chapter, no routing information was actually passed over these sessions. The next chapter introduces you to the basic techniques of sending and receiving routing information over BGP sessions and the application of policies to change how the routing information is used.

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