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Securing IoT

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from IoT Fundamentals: Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Use Cases for the Internet of Things, readers will review a brief history of operational technology (OT) security, how it has evolved, and some of the common challenges it faces.


As industries modernize in pursuit of operational efficiencies, improved safety, and competitive agilities, they must do so securely. Modernization processes frequently initiate greater connectivity in the context of older and highly vulnerable OT assets and processes. Security is a process that must be applied throughout the lifecycle of that change and operation. To achieve security, an organization must be able to define risks and make informed choices about how best to address them.

Fortunately, much of what is available to minimize risks from threats is readily available. Network connectivity can be made secure with the right equipment and policies. Threats from unsafe practices, attacks, and remote access needs can be identified and controlled with dedicated industrial security appliances and practices. With time, there are opportunities to expand risk reduction through convergence and cooperation. Learning from the more extensive and mature security practices and tools in IT environments as well as coordinating layers of defense to protect critical industrial assets are key security enablers for operational environments.

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