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WAN Concepts

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What is the purpose of a WAN? In this sample chapter from Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide, explore how wide-area networks (WANs) operate, what services are available, the differences between private and public WAN technologies, and more.

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Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide

Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide

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Introduction (1.0)

Businesses must connect LANs to provide communications between them, even when these LANs are far apart. Wide-area networks (WANs) are used to connect remote LANs. A WAN may cover a city, country, or global region. A WAN is owned by a service provider, and a business pays a fee to use the provider’s WAN network services.

Different technologies are used for WANs than for LANs. This chapter introduces WAN standards, technologies, and purposes. It covers selecting the appropriate WAN technologies, services, and devices to meet the changing business requirements of an evolving enterprise.

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