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Cybersecurity and the Security Operations Center

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Companion Guide and the Cisco Networking Academy, you will learn about the who, what, and why of cyberattacks—plus review available resources to prepare for a career in cybersecurity operations.

Key Terms

This chapter uses the following key terms. You can find the definitions in the Glossary.

threat actors page 2

ransomware page 3

malware page 3

hacktivists page 4

script kiddies page 4

distributed denial of service (DDoS) page 4

personally identifiable information (PII) page 5

protected health information (PHI) page 6

Security Operations Center (SOC) page 7

Tier 1 Alert Analyst page 8

Tier 2 Incident Responder page 8

Tier 3 Subject Matter Expert (SME)/Hunter page 8

SOC Manager page 8

security information and event management system (SIEM) page 9

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