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Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from the Cisco Networking Academy IT Essentials Labs and Study Guide Version 7, you will review the definition of a computer, safety guidelines, computer components, and the process for disassembling a computer.

Computer Disassembly

A great way to learn about computers is to disassemble and rebuild one. This section reviews the tools you need to take on this fun task. The one lab for this chapter walks you through disassembling a computer.

The Technician’s Toolkit

The technician’s toolkit includes an antistatic wrist strap and mat, compressed air, an extraction tool, a Philips head screwdriver, a torque screwdriver, a cable tester, and crimpers.

Label the Adapter or Converter

Label each tool in Figure 1-7.


FIGURE 1-7 Technician’s Tools



Computer Disassembly

Watch the video for this section, Video Demonstration - Computer Disassembly, and complete the lab.

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