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WAN Availability and QoS

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from CCNP Enterprise Design ENSLD 300-420 Official Cert Guide: Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks, you will review WAN methodologies and WAN availability with deployment models using MPLS, hybrid, and Internet designs. It also covers backup connectivity, failover designs, QoS strategies, and designing end-to-end QoS policies.

Define Key Terms

Define the following key terms from this chapter and check your answers in the glossary:

  • class-based weighted fair queuing (CBWFQ)

  • classification

  • congestion management

  • DiffServ

  • IntServ

  • low-latency queuing (LLQ)

  • reliability

  • response time

  • throughput

  • traffic shaping and policing

  • window size

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