Chidambaram Arunachalam

Chidambaram (Arun) Arunachalam, CCIE No. 14809, is a Cisco Principal Engineer, responsible for resolving complex problems in large-scale collaboration networks. He works closely with engineering teams to drive solution-level serviceability requirements for end-to-end call signaling analysis in contact center environments and with industry experts for defining end-to-end SIP message logging capabilities (logme). He co-leads the Collaboration focus area within the TAC Technology office and is currently working on innovations such as Faster Cisco Support Experience (direct connection to engineer) and TAC Virtual Spaces (Webex Teams as a real-time communication channel for support engagements). He is a contributor to Wireshark and guides NCSU graduate students in developing Wireshark dissectors. His areas of interest include ease of doing business, talent development, and innovation.