Ted Grevers

Ted Grevers, Jr. , is the solution manager of the Cisco Managed Media Solution (C-MMS) for the

Cisco Video/IPTV Systems Test and Architecture (C-VISTA) team, focused on Cisco service

provider customers. The C-MMS offering provides live streaming media and on-demand content

delivery to cable high-speed data subscribers, adding QoS to DOCSIS service flows, ensuring

an enhanced quality of experience. Ted joined Cisco via the SightPath acquisition in early 2000

as a systems engineer. The SightPath acquisition became the foundation for the Cisco Content

Networking product offering with the Content Engine (CE) and ultimately the Wide Area

Application Engine (WAE). Shortly after the acquisition, Ted transitioned to the Content

Networking Business Unit in 2001 as a technical marketing engineer and then became manager

of technical marketing in 2002. Currently attending Framingham State College, Ted is completing

his undergraduate degree. Milford, MA, is home to Ted, his wife, and three children.


Joel E. Christner, CCIE No. 15311, is the manager of technical marketing within the Application

Delivery Business Unit (ADBU) at Cisco. Joel and his team are responsible for the technical

marketing aspects associated with the Cisco Application Networking Services (ANS) advanced

technology products including Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) and Application

and Content Networking Services (ACNS). These responsibilities include creating white papers,

presentations, training, competitive analysis, and collateral; enabling sales; and driving product

requirements and strategic direction with the product management team. Before joining the

ADBU, Joel was a member of the storage networking advanced technology team within Cisco.

Joel is a graduate student at Columbia University working toward a master’s degree in computer

science. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electronics engineering technology. Joel lives

with his wife in San Jose, CA.