Jack Unger

Jack Unger, founder and president of Wireless InfoNet, Inc., is a pioneer in the broadband fixed-wireless industry. Since 1993, he has personally designed and installed hundreds of license-free outdoor broadband wireless network sites and consulted on countless others. In 2001, Jack created and began leading the world's first vendor-neutral wireless ISP training seminars. Prior to founding Wireless InfoNet, Jack worked for 14 years in the Silicon Valley telecommunications industry for ROLM, IBM, Siemens, and NEC. Jack has a total of 45 years of wireless experience since his initiation into the wireless world as an amateur radio operator at age 11. He has earned A.A., A.S., and B.A. degrees and holds FCC Amateur Extra and General Radiotelephone licenses as well as an FAA Private Pilot license. Jack currently lives in Los Angeles and provides wireless consulting, which includes design, training, and troubleshooting for the broadband wireless industry nationwide.