Keith Rayle

Aamir Lakhani is a leading senior blockchain researcher. Mr. Lakhani advises corporations and government entities on blockchain initiatives, applications, and implementation strategies. He has been involved in several initial coin offerings (ICOs) as an advisor. Additionally, Aamir is a leading cyber security researcher and has uncovered vulnerabilities in several blockchain implementations and deployed cyber security blockchain solutions. Aamir has also been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency investments and mining operations. He is an active blogger at the popular site Dr. Chaos ( and has authored several books.

Keith Rayle is a corporate security strategist. He writes industry certification exams and provides instruction for CISO certifications. He provides advisement and solutions for security governance and portfolio implementation. Mr. Rayle assists executive security leaders with the creation of strategies, alignment of security to business needs, and the communication of security program metrics in relation to enterprise protection and regulatory requirements. He provides thought leadership in a wide range of topics including blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud, and other cutting-edge technologies. He has fulfilled roles such as CISO, director of security operations, program director, and other similar positions. He has created and implemented all aspects of security programs to include technical, process, policy, reporting, and organizational structure. He has created, implemented, and led incident response teams, systems assurance efforts, and a wide range of other portfolio support activities. Mr. Rayle has provided security services globally to organizations such as NASA JPL, The World Bank, The United Nations, and other large organizations in every sector and industry.