Mosaddaq Turabi

Russ White, CCIE No. 2635, is a member of the Routing Protocol Design and Architecture Team at Cisco, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He is a member of the IETF Routing Area Directorate, co-chair of the Routing Protocols Security Working Group in the IETF, a regular speaker at Cisco’s Networkers, a member of the CCIE Content Advisory Group, a member of the core team developing the new Cisco Design certification, a regular contributor to the Internet Protocol Journal, and the co-author of six other books about routing and routing protocols, including Optimal Routing Design, from Cisco Press. Russ primarily works in the development of new features and design architectures for routing protocols.


Mosaddaq Turabi, CCIE 1864, is a Distinguished Support Engineer at Cisco Systems. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on digital design, Mosaddaq joined Cisco in 1995 to work with Cisco’s TAC team. Subsequently, Mosaddaq moved to the ISP Support team, where he supported large service providers in the areas of network architecture, design, and deployment. Mosaddaq has been involved in the design, implementation, and planning of numerous large-scale IP and MPLS networks. He has provided consulting services for the introduction and deployment of MPLS and QoS-based services within service provider and large-scale enterprise networks.