Eric Levy-Abegnoli

Ciprian P. Popoviciu, PhD, CCIE® No. 4499, is a technical leader within the Networked Solutions Integration Test Engineering (NSITE) group at Cisco Systems®. As part of NSITE, Ciprian was the lead on several projects including IPv6 Deployments and Solutions to which he contributed architecture, implementation, and evaluation guidance.


Eric Levy-Abegnoli is a technical leader in the IP Technologies Engineering group at Cisco®, where he is the technical lead for IPv6 development in the Cisco IOS Software. Eric has worked with the Cisco IPv6 implementation since 2001 and has been involved in some of the largest IPv6 deployments.


Patrick Grossetete, manager of product management at Cisco, is responsible for a suite of Cisco IOS Software technologies including IPv6 and IP Mobility. He is a member of the IPv6 Forum Technical Directorate and manages the participation of Cisco in the Forum.