Aamir Lakhani

Aamir Lakhani is a leading senior security strategist. He is responsible for providing IT security solutions to major enterprises and government organizations.

Mr. Lakhani creates technical security strategies and leads security implementation projects for Fortune 500 companies. Aamir has designed offensive counter-defense measures for the Department of Defense and national intelligence agencies as well as Global 100 organizations. He has also assisted organizations with safeguarding IT and physical environments from attacks perpetrated by underground cybercriminal groups. Mr. Lakhani is considered an industry leader for creating detailed security architectures within complex computing environments. His areas of expertise include cyber defense, mobile application threats, malware management, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) research, and investigations relating to the Internet’s dark security movement. He is the author or contributor of several books and has appeared on FOX Business News, National Public Radio, and other media outlets as an expert on cybersecurity.

Aamir Lakhani would like specifically like to acknowledge his wife, Hina Lakhani, who is continuously supporting and encouraging him. I could not be successful without Hina. He would also like to acknowledge his late father, Mahmood Lakhani, whom he considers his mentor, best friend, and biggest supporter.

Responding to a Breach
Jan 8, 2019