Dino Farinacci

Dino Farinacci is a software engineer by trade and a technology visionary by passion, advancing the state of the art in computer networking. As one of the first Cisco Fellows, Dino holds more than 40 Internet and networking-related patents and has been a major IETF contributor for nearly 30 years, with approximately 50 RFCs and Internet Drafts published. Dino is the founder of lispers.net, a nonprofit engineering organization, where he now focuses on design and deployment of LISP for IoT, cryptocurrency, and 5G mobile networks.

Dino is one of the original RFC co-authors of LISP, dating back to 2007, and has had the pleasure of writing two implementations of the protocol. He currently does consulting for large startup networking vendors and helps users deploy network designs using LISP and other architectures. If you can name an Internet protocol, there is a good chance Dino has designed and implemented it in widely deployed products. Over his career working at the NSA, CDC, 3Com, Procket, and Cisco, he has worked on dozens of operating systems, network protocols, and infrastructure systems.