Meeta Gupta

Meeta Gupta has a masters degree in computer engineering. The topic of networking is her first love. She currently works at NIIT Ltd., where she designs, develops, and authors books on various subjects. She has co-authored books on TCP/IP, A+ Certification, Visual C#, ASP.NET, and PHP. She also has extensive experience in designing and developing ILTs. Besides writing, Meeta has had a two-year stint in training and instruction. She has conducted courses on C++, Sybase, Windows NT, Unix, and HTML for audiences ranging from students to corporate clients.

NIIT is a global, multifaceted organization specializing in software development, education, training, and e-business solutions. NIIT has the world's largest educational multimedia software development facility with a team of more than 700 instructional design professionals. It provides computer training at 2000 learning centers in 26 countries, including the United States.