Khalid Raza

Khalid Raza, CCIE #1192, has been involved with the design of large networks for Cisco Systems, Inc. for more than five years. He holds a master's degree in engineering management, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. Khalid's contributions to the CCIE program include helping to write the lab portion of the exam and the new IP-ISP text for CCIE recertification. Khalid's specialization is in routing protocols, and he has given presentations at various conferences on designing scalable IP networks.

Mark Turner is a development manager for large-scale switching and routing at Cisco Systems, Inc. He as been involved with the design of large-scale IP networks since the early 1990s, when he contributed to the maintenance and expansion of the Australian Academic and Research Network. Since then, he has worked in an engineering and networking management capacity on several large corporate intranets, most recently for the NASA Science Internet. Mark's contributions to major projects over the years have included the complete design of secure and open networks, as well as incremental upgrades to physical and logical infrastructures of exising large networks.