Cisco Networking Simplified

A Visual Guide to Cisco Networking

Cisco Networking Simplified provides a clear and concise illustrated view of how networks are built, managed, and used. Topics include storage area networks (SANs), virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over IP (VoIP), mobility, wireless, LANs, WANs, the Internet, security, routing and switching. Visit the catalog page to download a sample chapter and view the book's complete index.

Comprehensive Topic Reviews

Cisco Networking Simplified chapters begin with a simple text overview of the topic. These Comprehensive Topic Reviews are written in plain language that assumes no previous experience. The topic is broken down into the essential elements, a conceptual explanation of the purpose and overall impact of a technology, and the relevant and useful historical background.

Topical At-A-Glance

Following the Comprehensive Topic Reviews, topics are broken down through a Topical At-A-Glance quick-reference guide that brings readers deeper into the technology through simple explanations and corresponding graphics.

"Why should I care about...?"
Every Topical At-A-Glance starts with the same question, "Why should I care about this?". Putting the topic into context, this section helps readers understand why a technology was developed and what purpose it serves.

"What are the problems to be solved?"
This feature helps readers move logically from understanding why a technology is created to understanding what impact it might have on their networks or their companies.

Illustrated Charts
A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphs and charts help explain complex concepts clearly and succinctly.

Network Topologies
Overviews of how different network instruments connect to each other and how data flows through these networks help readers gain an understanding of what occurs in a network.

Whiteboard Illustrations

Some of the concepts within the Topical At-A-Glance quick-reference guide will benefit from a detailed review. These selective concepts are illustrated in Detailed Subject Illustrations that help readers further understand the network's inner workings.