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  IP Communications/Voice
  Network Administration
  Routing & Switching
  Storage/Data Centers
  Wireless/High Speed

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Certification Self-Study Product Family
These series offer a progressive, self-paced study routine for Cisco certification exams, with tools that help certification candidates learn exam topics, gain hands-on experience, prepare for the exam, and practice their test taking skills. Includes Self-Study Guide, Practical Studies, Video Mentor, Exam Certification Guide, Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack, and CCIE Professional Development titles.

Network Technology Product Family
The Network Technology Product Family delivers basic understanding, theoretical knowledge, and real-world networking solutions to a diverse audience of networking professionals. Includes First-Step, Fundamentals, and Networking Technology Guide books.

Network Business Series
The Network Business Series provides business professionals an overview of different networking technologies and an understanding of their business impact on an organization. Written to appeal to networking professionals and non-technical personnel alike, these books are written in approachable fashion to provide anyone involved with IT decisions with a strong understanding of the business implications of different applications.