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Fundamentals of Java Programming
The Fundamentals of Java Programming course offers Networking Academies the opportunity to provide students with a course on the conceptual understanding of object-oriented programming. The course also teaches students how to use the Java language's object-oriented technologies to solve business problems. Student will learn how to create classes, objects, and applications using the language. Topics also include language fundamentals and the Java language API (application programming interface). Additionally, the course addresses the demand for training and preparation for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform.

Fundamentals of Java Programming Companion Guide
Fundamentals of Java Programming Lab Companion
Fundamentals of Java Programming Engineering Journal and Workbook

Fundamentals of UNIX®
Fundamentals of UNIX allows Networking Academies to specialize in UNIX training and explore Linux as they prepare students for advanced education in UNIX system administration or Internet-based jobs. The hands-on course is taught using the Solaris™ Operating Environment. Acquired competencies include the ability to use and customize the CDE graphical interface; use the UNIX command line with emphasis on Korn and C shell features; navigate the file system; create, manage, and print files; use various CDE office productivity tools; use the vi and CDE text editors; backup and restore files and directories; and perform basic user-level troubleshooting of network connectivity, system processes, and file permission problems. The course helps prepare the student for the Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris exam and CompTIA's Linux+ exam.

Fundamentals of UNIX Companion Guide, Second Ed.
Fundamentals of UNIX Lab Companion, Second Ed.

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