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Cisco Press now publishes books for EACH CCNA course. The revised books for provide you with stronger pedagogy, more focused study, and improved usability in the classroom.

Features of the CCNA Companion Guides
  • Rewritten by top instructors and authors Wendell Odom, Tom Knott, Rick McDonald, Wayne Lewis, and Allan Reid who bring fresh voices to the textbooks
  • "How-To" quick references for step-by-step tasks
  • Real-world examples and all-new illustrations
  • Improved readability and additional explanations of key concepts
  • More practice problems and all-new Packet Tracer activities
  • Correlations to the CCNA Certification exam in the chapter objectives and "Check Your Understanding" questions

Networking Basics CCNA 1 Companion Guide
Odom/Knott • ISBN: 1-58713-164-1

Routers and Routing Basics CCNA 2 Companion Guide
Odom/McDonald • ISBN: 1-58713-166-8

Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing CCNA 3 Companion Guide
Lewis • ISBN: 1-58713-170-6

WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Companion Guide
Reid • ISBN: 1-58713-172-2

Features & Benefits: How have the CCNA Companion Guides changed? (PDF)
Instructor's Guide for Networking Basics CCNA 1 Companion Guide (PDF)
See what Instructors are saying about the New CCNA 1 Companion Guide

Labs and Study Guides
  • Replaces and improves upon separate Lab Companions and Engineering Journal and Workbooks
  • Challenge labs and exercises not found in the online curriculum
  • Study guide section with classroom tested exercises

Networking Basics CCNA 1 Labs and Study Guide
McReynolds • ISBN: 1-58713-165-X

Routers and Routing Basics CCNA 2 Labs and Study Guide
Johnson • ISBN: 1-58713-167-6

Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing CCNA 3 Labs and Study Guide
Johnson • ISBN: 1-58713-171-4

If you have the first printing, a revised chapter 2 is available for free download.

WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Labs and Study Guide
Rullan • ISBN: 1-58713-173-0

View the Introduction and Table of Contents from each Labs and Study Guide:
Networking Basics CCNA 1 Labs and Study Guide
Routers and Routing Basics CCNA 2 Labs and Study Guide
Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing CCNA 3 Labs and Study Guide
WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Labs and Study Guide

From the Editor

Webster's Ninth defines Companion as "one of a pair or set that accompanies another" and Guide as "one that exhibits and explains points of interest." Taking these concepts into the classroom environment we asked students and instructors over the past year, what would make a Cisco Press book a better Companion Guide for your courses?

This month we're proud to introduce to you our revised books that incorporate this feedback to focus on readability, study aids, pedagogy, and practice. The new books are simply redesigned to help students be more successful with v3.1.1 of the CCNA curriculum.

First, take note that the Companion Guides have been completely rewritten by instructors. These new authors cover the course material in their own voice and provide additional examples to help you drive home the course concepts. Also note that we're publishing one book set (textbook and lab manual) for each course—this helps with updates, as well as price points per course for your students.

Second, take a look at the enhanced pedagogy throughout the books, for instance:

  • Objectives are identified through focus questions that point only to the Core course topics—in the CCNA 1 Companion Guide the "optional" TI material from the course is pulled out and made available as PDFs on the accompanying CD-ROM. Students can concentrate on the material that will be officially assessed.
  • Packet Tracer v3.2 activities are added throughout the CCNA 1 and CCNA 2 books helping students to visualize these basic concepts
  • Extra practice problems in a CCNA 1 Appendix help with the extensive math concepts
  • All-new glossaries help your students come to class prepared to grasp the language used in your lectures
  • All-new Challenge activities familiarize students with the complexity students will find in future certification exam questions
  • "How-To" icons highlight step-by-step procedures students will want to memorize

The new CCNA lab manuals have also been redesigned based on your feedback. Now called Labs and Study Guides, the books contain not only all the labs from the curriculum, but also additional classroom-tested challenge and optional labs to round out hands-on practice, and a new set of exercises as a study guide.

I encourage you to check out these new books and see for yourself the value that these complementary resources add to your students' experience with the curriculum. This is the result of communication with instructors and students. I look forward to continuing that conversation with you.

Mary Beth Ray, Executive Editor
Cisco Networking Academy Program

Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer is a standalone, medium-fidelity simulation environment for novices to design, configure, and troubleshoot CCNA-level networks. Features include:

  • Console, straight-through, cross-over, serial, fiber, wireless, and modem connections
  • Limited Cisco IOS CLI configuration of switches and routers
  • Switches, including ports, VLAN config and database modes, Trunking
  • Routers, including ACLs, VLSM; simple NAT, PAT, DHCP, and CDP
  • Routing, including RIP v1/v2, static and default routes, and load balancing
  • Clouds, bridges, hubs, access points, repeaters, PCs, servers, printers
  • Views of bridging, switching, and routing tables, OSI encapsulation, Link Status
  • Ping, Extended Ping, and traceroute capability
  • Modeling of many OSI Layer 1, 2, 3, and 4 features
  • A Challenge Mode that requires students to direct the packet by making device algorithm decisions
  • File saving, so topologies and configurations can be shared amongst instructors and collaboratively worked upon by students
  • An Activit
  • A RIP Initialization Routing scenario showing the development of routing tables

More CCNA Resources

Cisco CCNA Network Simulator
Are you interested in adding network simulation to your CCNA or other networking course? Contact your Pearson representative to request a desk sample of the FREE 30-day trial.

Cisco CCNA Network Simulator License Server Edition
Boson Software • ISBN: 1-58713-154-4
Video Demonstration

With seat licenses assigned by computer and valid for one year, you can affordably bring hands-on expertise and valuable lab tools to your classroom. Download the product flyer to see how you can enhance your classroom and realize cost savings with Cisco CCNA Network Simulator License Server Edition. When the 30-day trial is complete, you may keep the CD-ROM for administrative functions after you purchase the seat licenses for the classroom lab. Contact Customer Service at (800) 922-0579 for pricing information and ordering options.

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