Author Affiliates

We currently have more than 260 Pearson authors who are in the program. They are earning commissions on sales of books, eBooks and videos from traffic that they are driving to our sites from affiliate links placed on their websites, blog posts and social media pages.

Top Author Affiliates Spotlight

Bjarne Stroustrup

Member Since May 2013

Martin Fowler

Member Since Aug 2012

Sandi Metz

Member Since Aug 2012

Cay Horstmann

Member Since Mar 2013

Steve Krug

Member Since June 2009

Wendell Odom

Member Since Aug 2009

Harold Davis

Member Since May 2013

Tim Kadlec

Member Since June 2012

Mike Rohde

Member Since Oct 2012

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    First Time LinkShare Member

    The first step to joining the Pearson Affiliate program is to register with the LinkShare Network (must have cookies/JavaScript enabled).

    Upon completion of your LinkShare registration, you can apply to become a member of the Pearson Affiliate Program. Your application process will be as follows:

    1. Access your affiliate dashboard and select Pearson Education as the merchant program to join.
      • Click on 'Programs.'
      • In the right corner of the screen is a box titled 'Advertiser Search;' type Pearson Education into the box and click 'Go.'
      • Select Pearson Education (InformIT) and click 'Apply.' [Note: The InformIT program encompasses Informit, Cisco Press, Pearson IT Certification, Addison-Wesley, Que Publishing, IBM Press and Sams Publishing]
    2. Notify our affiliate program manager with your account ID # (top right hand corner when you're logged in) so he can quickly identify you and add you to the program immediately.
    3. Work with our affiliate program manager to create links for your titles.

    Existing LinkShare Member

    If you are already a LinkShare member and wish to enroll in the Pearson Affiliate program through LinkShare, your application process will be as follows:

    1. Log in to your LinkShare account and select Pearson Education from the list of merchant programs and apply to join.
    2. Once you are approved, Pearson is automatically added to your list of merchants.
    3. Create custom links or contact our affiliate program manager for assistance.