Companion Guide Series

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Portable, comprehensive, convenient resources for Cisco Networking Academy students

  • The only authorized textbooks for the Cisco Networking Academy
  • Designed to reinforce online course material and help students focus on important concepts
  • A fresh perspective on the online curriculum created to reinforce the material and support learning

What are Companion Guides?
Companion Guides are portable desk references of the Cisco Networking Academy course material that students can use anytime, anywhere. Companion Guides are designed to reinforce online course material, helping students focus on important concepts and organize their study time for quizzes and exams.

Key features of Companion Guides include

  • Rewritten by top instructors for improved readability and usability with alignment to the online curriculum
  • More focused study aids with chapter objectives for each course written in question format
  • How-To references provide a quick, step-by-step summary of various procedures and often clarify complex tasks
  • Packet Tracer activities are identified throughout the book, identifying when to perform them for maximized learning
  • "Check Your Understanding" review questions that reinforce concepts and assess knowledge

The accompanying CD-ROM has interactive media activities, the content from non-core topics of interest, high-resolution PhotoZooms to view Cisco equipment up close, and instructional videos that cover the more complex concepts within a course.

Who should read Companion Guides?
Companion Guides are written specifically for students enrolled in a Cisco Networking Academy course and the instructors who teach them.

Who writes Companion Guides?
Companion Guides are written by leading networking authors and Cisco Networking Academy instructors for a fresh but informed perspective on teaching the Academy curriculum.