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31 Days Before Your CCNA Security Exam (Digital Study Guide): A Day-By-Day Review Guide for the IINS 210-260 Certification Exam (eBook, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes)

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Edition: 1st
  • Web Edition
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-442406-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-442406-4

31 Days Before Your CCNA Security Exam (Digital Study Guide)

An Interactive Day-By-Day Review Guide for the IINS 210-260 Certification Exam!

31 Days Before Your CCNA Security Exam provides you with a personable and practical way to study for the IINS 210-260 certification exam. In a conversational tone, the author breaks down all the exam topics into 31 daily review sessions using short summaries, lists, tables, examples, and graphics. The format is designed to empower you to fit exam preparation into an otherwise busy schedule. And with this exclusive Digital Study Guide edition of the book you can:

  • Read the complete text of the book on any web browser that supports HTML5, including mobile.
  • Watch unique embedded videos (totaling more than 5 hours of video instruction) that demonstrate tasks, explain important topics, and visually describe key exam objectives.
  • Reinforce key concepts with more than 30 dynamic and interactive hands-on exercises, and see the results with the click of a button.Also included are 7 Packet Tracer activities.
  • Test your understanding of the material at the end of each day with more than 300 fully interactive online quiz questions.PLUS a full-length final quiz of 60 questions that mimic the type you will see in the CCNA Security certification exam.

Three sample lessons are available for FREE online exactly as they appear in the full online Digital Study Guide, with complete video walkthroughs, exercises, and interactive quizzes (HTML5 browser required). Try them out today! (Click the Sample Content tab.)

The popular 31 Days Before Your CCNA Security Exam day-by-day guide helps you to organize, prepare, and review all the exam objectives to ensure you are ready for the test on exam day.

  • Begin by understanding the exam organization, certification, and sign-up process, including how to use a voucher.
  • Commit to taking the exam: Click the link in the Digital Study Guide to schedule your exam at a Pearson VUE site near you.
  • Study one day at a time, and if you find you need more in-depth study on a particular topic, the author provides a quick reference for locating that Day’s topics within a variety of Foundational and Supplemental study resources and tools you might already own.
  • Visualize your progress by downloading the interactive PDF calendar that summarizes each Day’s study topics.
  • Check off items on the interactive PDF checklist, which highlights important tasks and deadlines leading up to your exam.
  • Enjoy the conversational tone of the author, making study time less stressful as he shares strategies that help you to be mentally, organizationally, and physically prepared for exam day.

About This Digital Study Guide: A Digital Study Guide is a self-paced online resource that integrates text, graphics, video screencasts, dynamic exercises, and interactive quizzes into a complete study resource. It is delivered online from a link that will be available on your Pearson IT Certification or Cisco Press Account page after purchase. After you purchase it, you can view the Digital Study Guide resource in any web browser that supports HTML5 (including mobile), including the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The following are the supported platforms:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • iOS 7 or later
  • Android 4.0 or later


Three sample lessons (Days 31, 30, and 29) are available for viewing online, exactly as they appear in the full Digital Study Guide with complete video walkthroughs, exercises, and interactive quizzes (HTML5 browser required).


Day 31. Common Security Principles

Day 30. Common Security Threats

Day 29. Cryptographic Technologies

Day 28. PKI and Network Security Architectures

Day 27. Secure Management Systems

Day 26. AAA Concepts

Day 25. TACACS+ and RADIUS Implementation

Day 24. 802.1X

Day 23. BYOD

Day 22. IPsec Technologies

Day 21. Clientless Remote-Access VPN

Day 20. AnyConnect Remote Access VPN

Day 19. Site-to-Site VPN

Day 18. VPN Advanced Topics

Day 17. Secure Device Access

Day 16. Secure Routing Protocols

Day 15. Control Plane Security

Day 14. Layer 2 Infrastructure Security

Day 13. Layer 2 Protocols Security

Day 12. VLAN Security

Day 11. Firewall Technologies

Day 10. Cisco ASA NAT Implementation

Day 9. Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall

Day 8. Cisco ASA Firewall Concepts

Day 7. ASA Firewall Configuration

Day 6. IDS/IPS Concepts

Day 5. IDS/IPS Technologies

Day 4. Email-based Threat Mitigation

Day 3. Web-based Threat Mitigation

Day 2. Endpoint Protection

Day 1. CCNA Security Skills Review and Practice

Exam Day

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