Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) LiveLessons

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  • Copyright 2017
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-466120-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-466120-9

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5 Hours of Training on Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

Video instruction on Application Centric Infrastructure concepts, policy, security, and infrastructure architecture


Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) LiveLessons is designed to get you up and running with ACI--Cisco’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution and the hottest topic in data center today. In this course, you will gain knowledge through screencasts and demos from an ACI expert so you can get the information you need. This course is a great way to learn about the next generation data center platform that is changing the way customers are deploying network, application, and security services in their enterprise.

Coverage includes

  • Targeted at helping viewers understand and successfully implement and manage the Nexus 9000 in ACI mode
  • Explore the monitoring and troubleshooting techniques available in ACI
  • Become familiar with integrating services
  • Can be used as both introduction and review of the Nexus 9000 with ACI
  • Provides ACI configuration examples to support the comprehension of abstract concepts

Skill Level
  • Beginner to Intermediate

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1:  Introduction to ACI
Lesson 2:  Exploring the ACI Dashboard
Lesson 3:  Exploring ACI Basic Mode
Lesson 4:  Exploring ACI Advanced Mode
Lesson 5:  Integration of Virtualization Technologies with ACI
Lesson 6:  Configuring External Fabric Connectivity
Lesson 7:  Integrating L4-7 Services
Lesson 8:  Application Visibility and Troubleshooting
Lesson 9:  Data Center Interconnect (DCI)
Lesson 10:  Migration Strategies
Lesson 11:  Administrative Considerations
Lesson 12:  Programmability Extras

Who Should Take This Course

The target audiences for Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) LiveLessons are working engineers in Enterprise and Service Provider companies who want to incorporate Cisco data center technologies into their businesses; more specifically, candidates who want to learn about Cisco’s “SDN” like architecture, or next generation data center fabrics and how Cisco is addressing this trend in the market.

Additionally, candidates for other certifications such as CCNP and CCIE Data Center can also use this content to expand their knowledge. Finally, the course can also be very valuable for technicians who desire a solid conceptual background before working with Cisco Nexus 9000 products and solutions in ACI mode.

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Table of Contents


Lesson 1:  Introduction to ACI
1.1: Understanding Today’s Data Center
1.2: Understanding the Role of Orchestration
1.3: Examining ACI
1.4: Evaluating ACI Fabric Hardware
1.5: Understanding APIC Installation Basics
1.6: Examining Initial Fabric Configuration / Fabric Bring Up

Lesson 2:  Exploring the ACI Dashboard
2.1: Exploring Fabric / Switch Health Scores
2.2: Investigating Physical Health Scores
2.3: Exploring the Topology Tab

Lesson 3:  Exploring ACI Basic Mode
3.1: Exploring Basic Mode
3.2: Performing Setup Steps with Basic Mode
3.3: Understanding ACI Policy and Objects
3.4: Exploring Network Centric Mode
3.5: Creating a Tenant and VLANS
3.6: Examining L2 and L3 Connections to the Fabric
3.7: Migrating Workloads into the Fabric

Lesson 4:  Exploring ACI Advanced Mode
4.1: Configuring ACI Initial Policies
4.2: Configuring ACI Pools
4.3: Configuring Domains
4.4: Configuring Attachable Access Entity Profiles
4.5: Configuring Interface Policies
4.6: Configuring Interface Policy Groups
4.7: Understanding and Configuring Interface Profiles
4.8: Configuring Switch Policy Profiles
4.9: Configuring Virtual Port Channels
4.10: Configuring Fabric Extenders (FEX)s
4.11: Setting Up a Tenant
4.12: Setting Up Contexts and Bridge Domains Using the GUI
4.13: Setting Up an Application Profile
4.14: Exploring Contracts and Filters

Lesson 5:  Integration of Virtualization Technologies with ACI
5.1: Understanding Virtualization Vendors and ACI Integration
5.2: Setting Up VMM Domain, vCenter Integration Using the GUI
5.3: Exploring the Application Virtualization System
5.4: Comparing AVS VLAN Mode vs VXLAN

Lesson 6:  Configuring External Fabric Connectivity
6.1: Evaluating Network Services
6.2: Interpreting L2 / L3 Design Considerations
6.3: Examining Layer 2 External Options
6.4: Examining Layer 3 External Options
6.5: Considering Route Reflector Recommendations
6.6: Setting Up L2 External Using the GUI
6.7: Setting Up L3 External Using the GUI
6.8: Configuring Routing Protocols on Layer 3 External Connections
6.9: Examining Multicast

Lesson 7:  Integrating L4-7 Services
7.1: Evaluating L4-7 S Ecosystem Partners
7.2: Comparing Managed vs Unmanaged L4-7 Integration
7.3: Examining Security Design / Considerations

Lesson 8:  Application Visibility and Troubleshooting
8.1: Understanding ACI Health Scores
8.2: Understanding Operational Monitoring
8.3: Exploring the End Point Tracker
8.4: Exploring the Troubleshooting Tool

Lesson 9:  Data Center Interconnect (DCI)
9.1: Examining Multi-data Center (MDC) Designs
9.2: Understanding Stretch Fabric Options
9.3: Evaluating Multiple Fabrics
9.4: Exploring Additional Stretch Fabric Considerations

Lesson 10:  Migration Strategies
10.1: Considering New Deployments
10.2: Performing Integration into Existing Deployments
10.3: Migrating from Nexus 9000 NX-OS to ACI

Lesson 11:  Administrative Considerations
11.1: Understanding Role Based Access Control
11.2: Evaluating Configuration Checkpoints
11.3: Understanding Monitoring and SPAN Sessions
11.4: Examining Firmware Management

Lesson 12:  Programmability Extras
12.1: Examining GitHub and Programmability Tasks
12.2: Understanding the ACI Toolkit and Simulator
12.3: Exploring an Application Use Case / Walkthrough


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