CCNA Cloud LiveLessons Library: CLDFND 210-451 and CLDADM 210-455

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-452447-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-452447-4

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More than 14 Hours of video instruction in the CCNA Cloud CLDFND and CLDADM exams

More than 14 hours of video instruction on Cloud fundamentals, Cloud technologies, Cloud administration and operations, Cloud monitoring and reporting, Cloud troubleshooting as well as cloud computing concepts, service models, infrastructure solutions, and architectures.

CCNA Cloud LiveLessons Library is a unique video product that provides a solid understanding of the key areas of knowledge required to pass the CLDFND 210-451 and the CLDADM 210-455 exams. This product walks the customer through each topic of the exam blueprints. Customers will gain knowledge of fundamental cloud technologies, including cloud computing definitions, cloud service models, and cloud aspects in infrastructure components such as servers, networking, and storage as well as Cloud administration technologies, including Cloud fundamentals, Cloud technologies, Cloud administration and operations, Cloud monitoring and reporting, and Cloud troubleshooting.

CCNA Cloud LiveLessons Library contains 30 independent video lessons (14 lessons on CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451 LiveLessons and 16 lessons from CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455 LiveLessons), delivering more than 14 hours of instruction on these new Cisco exams. The videos contain detailed instructions for the exam, as well as live demos on Cisco and third-party Cloud solutions to both contextualize and explain concepts and products.

Major topics include
CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451
•    Cloud Fundamentals
•    Cloud Technologies
•    Cloud Administration and Operations
•    Cloud Monitoring and Reporting
•    Cloud Troubleshooting

CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455
•    Cloud Characteristics and Models
•    Cloud Deployment
•    Cloud Workloads

Skill Level

What You Will Learn

CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451
•    Cloud Fundamentals
•    Cloud Technologies
•    Cloud Administration and Operations
•    Cloud Monitoring and Reporting
•    Cloud Troubleshooting

CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455
•    Cloud Characteristics and Models
•    Cloud Deployment
•    Cloud Workloads
•    Cloud Networking
•    Cloud Storage

Who Should Take This Course
Primary audience: Anyone wishing to take the exam; engineers looking to integrate Cloud technologies and operational practices into their companies’ environments.
Secondary audience: This course is a foundational review of core Cloud operational concepts and can be used to supplement the study of the Cloud as it pertains to CCNP and CCIE certification requirements.
•    Cloud Networking
•    Cloud Storage

Table of Contents

CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451 LiveLessons
Module 1 Cloud Characteristics and Models

Lesson 1 Describe Common Cloud Characteristics
Lesson 2 Describe Cloud Service Models
Module 2 Cloud Deployment
Lesson 3 Describe Cloud Deployment Models
Lesson 4 Describe the Components of the Cisco Intercloud Solution
Module 3 Cloud Compute
Lesson 5 Identify Key Features of UCS
Lesson 6 Describe Server Virtualization
Module 4 Cloud Networking
Lesson 7 Describe Network Architectures for the Data Center
Lesson 8 Describe Infrastructure Virtualization
Module 5 Cloud Storage
Lesson 9 Describe Storage Provisioning Concepts
Lesson 10 Describe the Difference Between All the Storage Access Technologies
Lesson 11 Describe Basic SAN Storage Concepts
Lesson 12 Describe Basic NAS Storage Concepts
Lesson 13 Describe the Various Cisco Storage Network Devices
Lesson 14 Describe Various Integrated Infrastructures

CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455 LiveLessons
Module 1: Cloud Fundamentals
Lesson 1: Cloud Basics
Lesson 2: Cloud Operations
Lesson 3: Cloud Operational Journey
Module 2: Cloud Technologies
Lesson 4: Automation and Orchestration Platforms
Lesson 5: Cloud Self Service and Management Applications
Lesson 6: Cloud Infrastructure Components
Module 3: Cloud Administration and Operations
Lesson 7: Managing Users and Groups
Lesson 8: Virtual Machine Management
Lesson 9: Deploying Virtual App Containers
Lesson 10: UCSD and Prime Services Catalog
Lesson 11: PSC Provisioning and Verification
Lesson 12: Deploying Intercloud Fabric
Module 4: Cloud Monitoring and Reporting
Lesson 13: Chargeback Billing and Reporting
Lesson 14: Performance and Capacity Management
Module 5: Cloud Troubleshooting
Lesson 15: Configuring Serviceability Options
Lesson 16: Cloud Monitoring and Remediation

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