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Fundamentals of Web Design Companion Guide (Cisco Networking Academy Program)

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  • Chapter Objectives and Pedagogy—Each chapter begins with clearly defined objectives. Definitions, descriptions, examples, and graphical presentations support the objectives throughout the chapter.
    • Provides the instructor and the student with an outline of the chapter focus and pedagogy features throughout the chapter to aid in classroom student learning, retention and understanding.

  • Cumulative Class Project to Increase Applied Learning—The cumulative class project showcases students' talents in working towards a complete web site for their portfolio.
    • Gives students the opportunity to apply their learning and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the course concepts.

  • Maps to Web-bases Course—Print products will map to the current version of the online curriculum.
    • Provides the student and the instructor with an integrated textbook companion to strengthen classroom learning.

  • Chapter Structure Designed to Reinforce Concepts—Chapter summaries, review questions, and answers included within each chapter.
    • Reinforces concepts and helps the student evaluate their understanding before moving on to new material. Answers to review questions are found in the appendixes, along with a glossary of key terms used throughout the text.

  • Interactive CD-ROM—The book content as well as interactive media activities will be included on a CD-ROM to complement the Companion Guide.
    • Builds upon the classroom and Web-based learning experience providing the student with additional hands-on electronic activities.

  • Only Cisco-Approved Study Materials for the Networking Academy Course—Cisco Press is the only publisher endorsed and recommended by Cisco Systems.
    • Provides the instructor and the student with the confidence that the same individuals who developed the web-based curriculum have reviewed and recommended the text from Cisco Press.

  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 1-58713-066-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58713-066-3

The only Cisco-endorsed and recommended companion guide for the new Cisco Networking Academy Program: Fundamentals of Web Design Web-based curriculum

  • Written and developed by the co-authors of the Fundamentals of Web Design course
  • The only Cisco- developed and approved companion guide for the new, Web-based Adobe(r) sponsored curriculum
  • Fully integrated to the Web-based curriculum to strengthen classroom learning.
  • Accompanying CD-ROM includes lab assets, demonstrations of labs, interactive versions of test-your-knowledge questions, and links to trial software
  • Comprehensive, cumulative project allows students to apply the concepts and skills learned and work towards a complete web site for their portfolio

Cisco Networking Academy Program: Fundamentals of Web Design Companion Guide

is the companion textbook for a one-semester Adobe Systems-sponsored curriculum on Web design principles. The book and course provide an introduction to the skills needed to design world-class Web sites, taking students through all the steps involved in Web site architecture, work flow and production processes.

Online Sample Chapter

Cisco Networking Academy Program: Web Design Pre-Production Process

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter ends with a Summary, Check Your Understanding, and Key Terms. ).

1. Foundations of Website Creation.

Introduction. The Internet. Internet Connection. Internet Protocols and Models. Browsers. Internet Services and Applications.

2. Web Page Elements.

Introduction. HTML Basics. XHTML. Color Formats. Image Formats. Multimedia Formats. Interactive Elements.

3. Production Tools.

Introduction. HTML Approaches. Graphics Applications. Animation Applications. Audio and Video Applications.

4. Pre-Production Process.

Introduction. Getting the Project. Production Roles. Planning the Website. File Management. Basic Project Management Concepts and Vocabulary. Production Phases.

5. Layout and Design.

Introduction. The Web as a Medium. Web Design Principles. Web Design Issues. Style Sheets and CSS.

6. User Interface Design.

Introduction. Interface, Navigation, and Usability. Interface Usability. Navigation Design Basics. Navigational Usability.

7. Accessibility and Internationalization.

Introduction. Accessibility. Internationalization.

8. Media Creation.

Introduction. Web Writing. Image Creation. Scanners. Digital Cameras. Stock Photography. Image Manipulation. Animation. Digital Audio and Video.

9. Interactivity.

Introduction. Appropriate Interactivity. Interactive Navigation. Interactive Multimedia. Interactive Advertisements. Programmed Interactivity. Database-Driven Interactivity. User-to-User Interactivity. Website Assembly.

10. Testing and Optimization.

Introduction. Site Check. Speed Optimization. Link Management. Website Maintenance. Usability Testing.

11. Implementation and Hosting.

Introduction. Client Feedback and Sign-Off. Privacy, Security, and Legal Issues. Housing and Hosting the Site. Domain Name Registration. File Publishing to the Web. Search Engine Listing. Advertising the Site. Banner Ads.

12. Portfolio Development.

Introduction. Portfolio Overview. Portfolio Elements. Marketing Yourself.

Appendix A: Check Your Understanding Answer Key.

Appendix B: HTML Reference.

Common Attributes. Events. Data Types. Alphabetical HTML 4.0 Element Listing.

Appendix C: XHTML Reference.

XHTML 1.0 Tags. XHTML 1.0 Standard Attributes.

Appendix D: CSS Reference.

Selectors. Pseudo Classes. Rules. Properties.




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