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  • ISBN-10: 1-58705-990-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58705-990-2

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Grow a Greener Data Center

A guide to building and operating energy-efficient,
ecologically sensitive IT and Facilities infrastructure

Conventional Data Centers can have a huge impact upon the environment, using massive amounts of energy and water, emitting pollutants, and discarding huge quantities of machine waste. Their insatiable demand for energy and often inefficient designs make Data Centers expensive to operate and prime targets for future environmental regulation.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to design a Data Center that consumes fewer resources, costs less money to run, has a longer usable lifespan, and can even highlight a company’s social responsibility. Grow a Greener Data Center shows how.

Douglas Alger makes the business case for greening Data Centers and presents technologies, design strategies, and operational approaches to help any company improve the energy efficiency and “eco-friendliness” of their IT hosting environments. He provides multiple strategies for “greening” each phase of a new Data Center project–selecting a site, designing and building the facility, and choosing hardware–as well as tips for retrofitting an existing server environment.

Alger explores IT and facilities technology areas as well as broader green building practices, including building material selection, electrical system design, use of alternative energy, cooling system design, cabling media choices, fire suppression options, water conservation practices, landscaping strategies, recycling programs, e-waste management, and more.

  • Explores how to green each phase of your Data Center project including site selection, physical design, construction, and hardware selection
  • Offers green strategies for all Data Center technologies including power, cooling, cabling, fire suppression, and virtualization
  • Presents IT and facilities design (and retrofitting) strategies that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in energy costs
  • Reveals financial incentive programs to help pay for green Data Center initiatives
  • Outlines Data Center efficiency metrics and environmental building assessment systems used worldwide to rate how green a facility is
  • Highlights the lessons of dozens of case studies and real-world installations pertaining to energy efficiency, green building projects, and Data Center technologies
  • Addresses broader green business practices including proper e-waste disposal, water conservation, and fostering alternative transportation

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ISBN-10: 1-58705-182-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-58705-182-1

Category: Data Center

Covers: Green IT

Table of Contents

    Introduction xvii

Chapter 1 Going Green in the Data Center 1

    Defining Green 1

    The Reasons to Go Green 2

        Growing Power Demand, Shrinking Availability 2

        Monetary Benefits 5

        Capacity Gains 9

        Increasing Regulation 10

        Recent Government Green Commitments 10

        Multicountry Green Commitments 11

        Technology Advances 14

        Public Perception 15

    If You Don’t Own Your Data Centers 18

    Resistance to Green 20

    Green Incentive Programs 22

        Utility Companies 22

        Government Programs 24

    Who Is Going Green 25

        Green from the Start 26

        Greenest Company in the World 26

        Most Socially Responsible 26

        Financial Institutions 27

        Citigroup 28

        HSBC Group 29

        Technology Companies 29

        Cisco 29

        Hewlett-Packard Company 30

        IBM 31

        Retailers 31

        The Home Depot 32

        Wal-Mart 32

Chapter 2 Measuring Green Data Centers 35

    Why Measure in the Data Center 35

    What to Measure in the Data Center 36

        Energy Usage 36

        Carbon Footprint 37

        Other Data Center Elements 39

    Environmental Building Assessment Systems 39

        Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

        (BREEAM) 41

        Green Globes 42

        Haute Qualité Environmentale (HQE) 43

        Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (HK-BEAM) 44

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