NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures, Rough Cuts

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NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching

Next-Generation Data Center Architectures

The complete guide to planning, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting NX-OS in enterprise environments

Kevin Corbin, CCIE® No. 11577

Ron Fuller, CCIE No. 5851

David Jansen, CCIE No. 5952

Cisco® Nexus switches and the new NX-OS operating system are rapidly becoming the new de facto standards for data center distribution/aggregation layer networking. NX-OS builds on Cisco IOS to provide advanced features that will be increasingly crucial to efficient data center operations. NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching is the definitive guide to utilizing these powerful new capabilities in enterprise environments.

In this book, three Cisco consultants cover every facet of deploying, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting NX-OS in the data center. They review the key NX-OS enhancements for high availability, virtualization, In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU), and security. In this book, you will discover support and configuration best practices for working with Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and networks, implementing multicasting, maximizing serviceability, providing consistent network and storage services, and much more.

The authors present multiple command-line interface (CLI) commands, screen captures, realistic configurations, and troubleshooting tips—all based on their extensive experience working with customers who have successfully deployed Nexus switches in their data centers.

Kevin Corbin, CCIE® No. 11577, is a Technical Solutions Architect for Cisco, specializing in data center technologies. Kevin works with enterprise customers to help them develop their next-generation data center architectures. Kevin has more than 14 years of server and networking experiencing including routing, switching, security, and content networking.

Ron Fuller, CCIE No. 5851 (Routing and Switching/Storage Networking), is a Technical Solution Architect for Cisco with 19 years of experience in the industry. His focus is working with enterprise customers to address their challenges with comprehensive end-to-end data center architectures.

David Jansen, CCIE No. 5952, is a Technical Solutions Architect for Cisco’s U.S. Enterprise Segment, where he works with enterprise customers to address end-to-end data center architectures. David has more than 20 years experience in the information technology industry.

  • Learn how Cisco NX-OS builds on and differs from IOS
  • Work with NX-OS user modes, management interfaces, and system files
  • Configure Layer 2 networking: VLANs/private VLANs, STP, virtual port channels, and unidirectional link detection
  • Configure Layer 3 EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, and First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRPs)
  • Set up IP multicasting with PIM, IGMP, and MSDP
  • Secure NX-OS with SSH, Cisco TrustSec, ACLs, port security, DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP inspection, IP Source Guard, keychains, Traffic Storm Control, and more
  • Build high availability networks using process modularity and restart, stateful switchover, nonstop forw

Table of Contents

Foreword xiv

Introduction xv

Chapter 1 Introduction to Cisco NX-OS 1

NX-OS Overview 1

    NX-OS Supported Platforms 3

    Cisco NX-OS and Cisco IOS Comparison 3

NX-OS User Modes 5

    EXEC Command Mode 6

    Global Configuration Command Mode 6

    Interface Configuration Command Mode 7

Management Interfaces 8

    Controller Processor (Supervisor Module) 8

    Connectivity Management Processor (CMP) 9

    Telnet 11

    SSH 12

    XML 14

    SNMP 14

    DCNM 19

Managing System Files 20

    File Systems 21

    Configuration Files: Configuration Rollback 25

    Operating System Files 27

Virtual Device Contexts (VDCs) 28

    VDC Configuration 29

Troubleshooting 33

    show Commands 33

    debug Commands 34

Topology 34

Further Reading 35

Chapter 2 Layer 2 Support and Configurations 37

Layer 2 Overview 37

    Store-and-Forward Switching 38

    Cut-Through Switching 38

    Fabric Extension via the Nexus 2000 38

    Configuring Nexus 2000 Using Static Pinning 39

    Nexus 2000 Static Pinning Verification 41

    Configuring Nexus 2000 Using Port-Channels 45