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Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing CCNA 3 Labs and Study Guide (Cisco Networking Academy Program)


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  • Copyright 2007
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 1-58713-171-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58713-171-4

The completely revised and only authorized Labs and Study Guide for the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 3 curriculum

  • A portable classroom resource that supports the topics in the CCNA 3 curriculum aligning 1:1 with course modules
  • Includes all the labs in the online curriculum as well as additional instructor-created challenge labs for extended learning and classroom exercises
  • Written by leading Academy instructor Allan Johnson, who brings a fresh voice to the course material

The all-new Labs and Study Guide titles combine the best of the former Lab Companions and Engineering Journal and Workbooks with new features to improve the student's hands-on skills and reinforce the topics for each CCNA course. Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing CCNA 3 Labs and Study Guide is a complete collection of the lab exercises specifically written for the CCNA 3 course in the Cisco Networking Academy Program, designed to give students hands-on experience in a particular concept or technology. Each lab contains an introductory overview, a preparation/tools required section, explanations of commands, and step-by-step instructions to reinforce the concepts introduced in the online course and covered in the Companion Guide. NEW: Challenge labs written by Academy instructors, tested in their classrooms will be included as additional or alternative labs. The Study Guide section is designed to provide additional exercises and activities to reinforce students' understanding of the course topics, preparing them for the course assessments. As a study guide it will also continue to provide ample writing opportunities to guide students into the habit of keeping notes on networking topics.

Downloadable Sample Chapter

This is the corrected chapter included in the second printings of this book.

Download - 329 KB -- Revised Chapter 2: Single-Area OSPF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1               Introduction to Classless Routing  

Study Guide  


RIP Version 2  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 1-1: Calculating VLSM Subnets (1.1.4)  

Curriculum Lab 1-2: Review of Basic Router Configuration with RIP (1.2.3)  

Curriculum Lab 1-3: Converting RIPv1 to RIPv2 (1.2.4)  

Curriculum Lab 1-4: Verifying RIPv2 Configuration (1.2.5)  

Curriculum Lab 1-5: Troubleshooting RIPv2 Using debug (1.2.6)  

Comprehensive Lab 1-6: Default Routing and RIPv2  

Challenge Lab 1-7: VLSM Design, RIPv2, and Default Routing  

Chapter 2               Single-Area OSPF  

Study Guide  

Link-State Routing Overview  

Single-Area OSPF Concepts  

Single-Area OSPF Configuration  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 2-1: Configuring the OSPF Routing Process (2.3.1)  

Curriculum Lab 2-2: Configuring OSPF with Loopback Addresses (2.3.2)  

Curriculum Lab 2-3: Modifying OSPF Cost Metric (2.3.3)  

Curriculum Lab 2-4: Configuring OSPF Authentication (2.3.4)  

Curriculum Lab 2-5: Configuring OSPF Timers (2.3.5)  

Curriculum Lab 2-6: Propagating Default Routes in an OSPF Domain (2.3.6)  

Comprehensive Lab 2-7: OSPF Configuration  

Challenge Lab 2-8: OSPF Design and Configuration  

Chapter 3               EIGRP and Troubleshooting Routing Protocols  

Study Guide  

EIGRP Concepts  

EIGRP Configuration  

Troubleshooting Routing Protocols  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 3-1: Configuring EIGRP Routing (3.2.1)  

Curriculum Lab 3-2: Verifying Basic EIGRP Configuration (3.2.3)  

Comprehensive Lab 3-3: Comprehensive EIGRP   Configuration  

Challenge Lab 3-4: EIGRP Design and Configuration  

Chapter 4               Switching Concepts  

Study Guide  

Introduction to Ethernet/802.3 LANs  

Introduction to LAN Switching  

Switch Operation  

Lab Exercises  

Chapter 5               LAN Design and Switches  

Study Guide   

LAN Design  

LAN Switches  

Lab Exercises  

Chapter 6               Catalyst Switch Configuration  

Study Guide  

Starting the Switch  

Configuring the Switch  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 6-1: Verifying Default Switch Configuration (6.2.1)  

Curriculum Lab 6-2: Basic Switch Configuration (6.2.2)  

Curriculum Lab 6-3: Managing the MAC Address Table (6.2.3)  

Curriculum Lab 6-4: Configuring Static MAC Addresses (6.2.4)  

Curriculum Lab 6-5: Configuring Port Security (6.2.5)  

Curriculum Lab 6-6: Add, Move, and Change MAC Addresses (6.2.6)  

Curriculum Lab 6-7: Managing Switch Operating System Files (6.2.7a)  

Curriculum Lab 6-8: Managing Switch Startup Configuration Files (6.2.7b)  

Curriculum Lab 6-9: Password Recovery Procedure on a Catalyst 2900 Series Switch (6.2.8)  

Curriculum Lab 6-10: Firmware Upgrade of a Catalyst 2950 Series Switch (6.2.9)  

Challenge Lab 6-11: Basic Switch Configuration with Port Security  

Chapter 7               Spanning Tree Protocol  

Study Guide   

Redundant Topologies  

Spanning Tree Protocol  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 7-1: Selecting the Root Bridge (7.2.4)  

Curriculum Lab 7-2: Spanning-Tree Recalculation (7.2.6)  

Chapter 8               Virtual LANs  

Study Guide  

VLAN Concepts  

VLAN Configuration  

Troubleshooting VLANs  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 8-1: Configuring Static VLANs (8.2.3)  

Curriculum Lab 8-2: Verifying VLAN
Configurations (8.2.4)  

Curriculum Lab 8-3: Deleting VLAN Configurations (8.2.6)  

Challenge Lab 8-4: Static VLANs, STP, and Port Security  

Chapter 9               VLAN Trunking Protocol  

Study Guide  



Inter-VLAN Routing Overview  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 9-1: Trunking with ISL (9.1.5a)  

Curriculum Lab 9-2: Trunking with 802.1q (9.1.5b)  

Curriculum Lab 9-3: VTP Client and Server Configurations (9.2.5)  

Curriculum Lab 9-4: Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing (9.3.6)  

Comprehensive Lab 9-5: Inter-VLAN and VTP Configuration  

Challenge Lab 9-6: Advanced Switching  

Appendix A            Router Interface Summary Chart  

Appendix B            Erasing and Reloading the Switch  

Appendix C            Erasing and Reloading the Router  

Appendix D            CCNA 3 Skills-Based Assessment Practice  



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Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing CCNA 3 Labs and Study Guide


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