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WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Companion Guide (Cisco Networking Academy)

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  • Copyright 2007
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 1-58713-172-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58713-172-1

WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Companion Guide is the official supplemental textbook for the CCNA 4 course of the Cisco Networking Academy Program. Completely revised from the previous edition with new examples and explanations, this textbook includes original material developed by the author, yet it fully aligns with the CCNA 4 curriculum. Written by an experienced author who present material in a comprehensive manner--using his own voice and own examples--this new edition augments student understanding of course material. The new edition incorporates improved features to aid instructors and enhance student comprehension. For example, chapters align with course modules in both name and number, and chapter objectives are stated as questions to encourage students to think about and find answers as they read chapters. End-of-chapter questions and summaries align with chapter objectives to emphasize key topics, while key terms are listed in each chapter opener in the order of occurrence to alert students to upcoming vocabulary words. In addition, new features include "How To" quick references for step-by-step tasks; real-world examples and all-new illustrations; concise explanations with a focus on word usage and sentence structure for improved readability; and correlations to the CCNA exam in Chapter Objectives, Check Your Understanding questions, and new Challenge Activities.

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download - 485 KB -- Chapter 1: Scaling IP Addresses

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Scaling IP Addresses  


      Key Terms  

      Scaling Networks with NAT and PAT  

            Private Address Space (RFC 1918)  

            Network Address Translation (NAT)  

            NAT Terminology  

            Understanding and Configuring Static NAT  

            Understanding and Configuring Dynamic NAT  

            Understanding and Configuring Overloaded NAT  

            Verifying NAT/PAT Functionality  

          Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)  

    The DHCP Process  

            Configuring DHCP  

            DHCP Verification and Troubleshooting  

            DHCP Relay  


      Check Your Understanding  

      Challenge Questions and Activities  

            Activity 1  

            Activity 2  

Chapter 2   WAN Technologies Overview  


      Key Terms  

      WAN Technologies Overview  

            WAN Versus LAN  

            WAN Protocols  

            Leased Line, Circuit Switching, and Packet Switching  

      WAN Technologies  

            Analog Dialup  


            Leased Line  


            Frame Relay  




      WAN Design  

            WAN Communication  

            Steps in WAN Design  

            Identifying and Selecting Networking Capabilities  

            Three-Layer Design Model  

            Other Layered Design Models  

            Other WAN Design Considerations  


      Check Your Understanding  

      Challenge Questions and Activities  

Chapter 3   PPP  


      Key Terms  

      Serial Point-to-Point Links  

            Time-Division Multiplexing  

            Demarcation Points  

            DTE and DCE  

            High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)  

            Troubleshooting Serial Links  

      PPP Authentication  

            Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)  

            Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)  

      Configuring PPP  

            Configuring Compression on PPP Links  

            Configuring Error Detection on PPP Links  

            Configuring Multilink Support on PPP Links  

            Configuring Authentication on PPP Links  

            Viewing PPP Link Establishment and Authentication  


      Check Your Understanding  

      Challenge Questions and Activities  

Chapter 4   ISDN and DDR  


      Key Terms  

      ISDN Concepts  

            ISDN Standards and Concepts  

            ISDN Layer 1  

            ISDN Layer 2  

            ISDN Layer 3  

            ISDN Devices and Reference Points  

      ISDN Configuration  

            Configuring an ISDN BRI  

            Configuring an ISDN PRI  

            Verifying and Troubleshooting ISDN Configuration  

      DDR Configuration  

            Legacy DDR  

            Dialer Profiles  

            Displaying ISDN Process Information  


      Check Your Understanding  

      Challenge Questions and Activities  

Chapter 5   Frame Relay  


      Key Terms  

      Frame Relay Concepts  

            Virtual Circuits and DLCIs  

            The Frame Relay Frame  

            Data Movement and Flow Control  

            Common Topologies  


            Inverse ARP  

      Configuring Frame Relay  

            Basic Configuration  

            Configuring LMI  

            Static Maps  


            Testing and Troubleshooting  


      Check Your Understanding  

      Challenge Questions and Activities  

Chapter 6   Introduction to Network Administration  


      Additional Topics of Interest  

      Key Terms  

      Workstations and Servers  



            Client/Server Relationship  

            Introduction to Network Operating Systems (NOS)  

      Network Management  


      Check Your Understanding  

      Challenge Questions and Activities  

Appendix A  




Download - 94 KB -- Index

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