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Remote Site Telephony and Branch Redundancy Options

Chapter Description

Hannah and Behl introduce and explain the various options for deploying remote site telephony solutions and providing a level of redundancy for remote branches/offices including Cisco Business Edition, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, SRST, and other mechanisms.


The following key points were discussed in this chapter:

  • Cisco offers a host of solutions for remote sites/smaller sites so that they can connect to and leverage the services from the enterprise network.
  • Keeping redundancy in mind, Cisco IOS gateways host the endpoints at the remote site and enable the remote site users to continue using enterprise-grade telephony and collaboration features.
  • SRST (and E-SRST) allow the SCCP (and SIP) endpoints to register to local IOS gateways and enable calling within the remote site as well as outside using PSTN or SIP trunks.
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