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Remote Site Telephony and Branch Redundancy Options

Chapter Description

Hannah and Behl introduce and explain the various options for deploying remote site telephony solutions and providing a level of redundancy for remote branches/offices including Cisco Business Edition, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, SRST, and other mechanisms.

Review Questions

Use these questions to review what you have learned in this chapter. The answers appear in Appendix A, “Answers Appendix.”

  1. Which of the following best describes Cisco Collaboration Solution’s extension for remote site telephony?

    1. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (Cisco Unified CME)-based call control
    2. Cisco Business Edition
    3. Cisco Unified Attendant Console
    4. a and b
    5. b and c
  2. Which of the following are two most commonly used remote site survivability solutions? (Choose two.)

    1. Cisco Unified SRST
    2. Cisco Unified CME-based SRST
    3. Cisco Business Edition
    4. CUBE
  3. What is the default fallback application in Cisco IOS routers?

    1. SIP
    2. H.323
    3. ISDN
    4. SCCP
  4. True or false: Multiple multicast MOH sources can be used in SRST mode.

    1. True
    2. False
  5. Cisco Unified CME can support which three type of endpoints? (Choose three.)

    1. Analog
    2. Digital
    3. SCCP
    4. SIP
    5. MGCP
  6. How many instances of SRST can be defined in a device pool on CUCM?

    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. As many as configured in CUCM
  7. Which two commands are used for SRST configuration at the Cisco IOS router?

    1. telephony-server
    2. ccm-manager fallback
    3. service alternate default
    4. call-manager-fallback
  8. Which of the following five commands are configured in telephony service E-SRST configuration mode? (Choose five.)

    1. create cnf-files
    2. ephone
    3. srst ephone-dn
    4. max-ephones
    5. max-dn
    6. ip source-address
    7. moh
    8. number

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