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Remote Site Telephony and Branch Redundancy Options

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Hannah and Behl introduce and explain the various options for deploying remote site telephony solutions and providing a level of redundancy for remote branches/offices including Cisco Business Edition, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, SRST, and other mechanisms.

Cisco Business Edition

Cisco offers another solution for SMB and remote offices in the form of Cisco Business Edition. Cisco Business Edition (5000/6000/7000) is a feature-rich, enterprise-class collaboration solution aimed at midsize businesses, where the full-blown capability of CUCM and relevant enterprise applications would be much more than required. Cisco Business Edition can scale from a few hundred to about 1000 users and also offers contact center ability for the agents. Cisco Business Edition comes with preloaded images of core applications, such as the following:

  • CUCM
  • Instant messaging/presence with Jabber
  • Cisco Unity Connection
  • Unified Contact Center Express
  • Unified Attendant Console

The applications and licenses depend on the model of Cisco Business Edition, and the size of users/agents it can support varies as per the underlying platform (for example, Cisco UCS server [B-Series/C-Series]). Figure 5-2 depicts the Cisco Business Edition Collaboration setup on a Cisco B-Series UCS server.

Figure 5-2

Figure 5-2 Cisco Business Edition: Collaboration Setup for a Remote Site

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