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Linux Operating System

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Companion Guide and the Cisco Networking Academy, learn how to perform basic Linux operations as well as administrative and security-related tasks.

Key Terms

This chapter uses the following key terms. You can find the definitions in the Glossary.

Linux page 73

distros page 73

superuser page 74

intrusion detection systems (IDSs) page 75

penetration testing page 76

Kali Linux page 76

terminal emulator page 77

servers page 82

port page 83

clients page 83

configuration files page 84

Snort page 86

device hardening page 88

log files page 89

daemon page 90

ext2 page 92

ext3 page 92

journal page 92

ext4 page 92

NFS page 92

CDFS page 92

swap file system page 92

HFS+ page 93

mounting page 93

hard link page 96

symbolic link page 96

X Window System page 98

patches page 102

forking page 102

rootkit page 106

piping page 110

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