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In this sample chapter from Implementing Cisco HyperFlex Solutions, you will review the HyperFlex HX Data Platform disaster recovery feature and configuration steps needed to enable replication between two HyperFlex clusters.

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Implementing Cisco HyperFlex Solutions

Implementing Cisco HyperFlex Solutions

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Commvault software natively protects VMware and Hyper-V workloads on Cisco HyperFlex for fast protection and to meet demanding RTO and RPO requirements. For VMware, Commvault IntelliSnap technology leverages Cisco HyperFlex snapshots, and for Hyper-V, Commvault application-aware technology ensures application-consistent backups. It embraces and utilizes all cloud options, instantly migrating data between any virtualized platform, any public or private cloud platform, and any on-premises infrastructure. It also seamlessly adopts scale-up and scale-out architecture options to maximize cost-effectiveness and ensure that users have the scale capabilities needed based on workload size and criticality.

Figure 6-26 shows the architecture of Commvault software for Cisco HyperFlex.


Figure 6-26 Commvault Software for Cisco HyperFlex Architecture

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