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The Basic Uses of TCP/IP Route Maps

Chapter Description

Route maps are similar to access lists; they both have criteria for matching the details of certain packets and an action of permitting or denying those packets. This chapter explains the basics of Route Maps. Included are sample exercises to help you practice administration and use of Route Maps.

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Troubleshooting Exercise

  1. Given the following configuration:

             interface TokenRingl
             ip address
             ip policy route-map Ex1
             access-list 1 permit
             access-list 101 permit host any eq telnet
             route-map Ex1 permit 5
             match ip address 1
             set ip next-hop
             route-map Ex1 permit 10
             match ip address 101
             set ip next-hop

    The intention is to policy route all packets whose source address prefix is to The exception is that packets originating from the Telnet port of host should be forwarded to There are two errors in this configuration that are preventing the policy route from working correctly. What are they?