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CCNP Security VPN Cert Guide: Configuring Policies, Inheritance, and Attributes
Aug 24, 2011
This chapter looks at the methods available for policy assignment in real-life scenarios and reviews how these policy methods work together if more than one is assigned to a user through the inheritance mode.
CCNP: Troubleshooting EIGRP
Aug 3, 2011
In this article, we will examine the art of Troubleshooting EIGRP, a key topic for CCNP certification. This article will begin by reviewing key information we should keep in mind about the protocol or its proper implementation and troubleshooting, and then specific scenarios will be illustrated. The article will also provide specific command guidance and usage.
CCNP Security IPS 642-627 Official Cert Guide: Network IPS Traffic Analysis Methods, Evasion Possibilities, and Anti-evasive Countermeasures
Jul 18, 2011
This chapter covers the various methods used for traffic analysis using a network IPS sensor, the various evasion techniques used by attackers to bypass detection & filtering while understanding the benefits and limitations of each method to assess the risk of evasion, and the various countermeasures, tools, and choosing the best approach based on the methods used by attackers.
Spanning Tree Protocol Concepts and Configuration
Jul 13, 2011
This article takes a look at some of the basic STP concepts and reviews the configuration required to deploy STP on a switch.
CCNP Security IPS 642-627 Quick Reference: Installation of a Typical Sensor
Jun 13, 2011
Gary Halleen outlines the installation of a typical Cisco IPS sensor.
Cisco Unified Serviceability
May 25, 2011
A main section of CUCM is Unified Serviceability. Within in this section, you have access two useful web-based tools and resources that can be crucial to a healthy Unified Communications environment: Alarm Configuration and Traces. Both are discussed here.
CCNP Voice Quick Reference: Centralized Call Processing Redundancy
Apr 15, 2011
This chapter reviews the mechanisms for providing call survivability and device failover in remote sites. This includes the configuration of Cisco IOS routers as Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) gateways with MGCP fallback, and the use of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode.
CCNP Security Quick Reference: Deploying Cisco ASA AnyConnect Remote-Access VPN Solutions
Apr 14, 2011
In this chapter you learn to deploy and manage Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) virtual private networks (VPN) on Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) as the VPN gateway with clients using AnyConnect SSL Client software.
CCNP Voice Quick Reference: VoIP Call Legs
Apr 5, 2011
In this chapter from CCNP Voice CVoice 642-437 Quick Reference, you will learn about how VoIP traffic is created. Topics such as codecs and transport layers are examined in more detail.
CCNP Security Secure 642-637 Quick Reference: Cisco Layer 2 Security
Mar 15, 2011
This chapter describes the main types of Layer 2 attacks and how to defend against them.
CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Exam Foundation Learning: Implementing Path Control
Aug 5, 2010
This chapter covers implementing path control, focusing on understanding and implementing path control as well as advanced path control tools.
CCNP Wireless IAUWS Quick Reference: Describing Regulatory Compliance
Jul 21, 2010
William G. Daniel describes common wireless vulnerabilities and industry standards organizations.
CCNP Wireless IUWMS Quick Reference: Implementing Location-Based Services
Jul 20, 2010
This chapter describes the location-tracking techniques used in providing location-based services — unique events tied to the physical location of an 802.11 device.
CCNP TSHOOT Certification Guide: Understanding the Basics of QoS
Apr 27, 2010
Kevin Wallace discusses basic quality of service (QoS) mechanisms on Cisco routers, which are important to understand when troubleshooting VoIP issues.
CCNP TSHOOT Certification Guide: Cisco IOS Auto Archive Feature
Apr 21, 2010
In the accompanying screencast, Kevin Wallace shows how to protect your router's configuration by backing it up to an external server.
CCNP SWITCH Portable Command Guide: Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing
Apr 6, 2010
This chapter covers inter-VLAN communication, DHCP, and CIF.
CCNP TSHOOT Certification Guide: Advanced Cisco Catalyst Switch Troubleshooting
Mar 26, 2010
This chapter focuses on troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst Switch platforms in preparation for the CCNP TSHOOT exam 642-832.
CCNP Switch Certification Guide: Aggregating Switch Links
By David Hucaby
Mar 25, 2010
This chapter presents topics that you need to master for the CCNP SWITCH exam, focusing on technologies that you can use in a campus network to provide higher bandwidth and reliability between switches.
CCNP Routing and Switching Quick Reference: BGP and Internet Connectivity
Mar 24, 2010
This chapter provides a quick review of CCNP Routing and Switching exam topics, focusing specifically on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).
CCNP ROUTE Command Guide: Implementing Path Control
Mar 23, 2010
This chapter helps you prepare for the CCNP ROUTE exam by covering the following topics related to implementing path control: Offset lists, Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreements, and Policy routing using route maps.

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