John Capobianco

John Capobianco has a dynamic and multifaceted career in IT and networking, marked by significant contributions to both the public and private sectors. Beginning his journey in the field as an aluminum factory worker, Capobianco’s resilience and dedication propelled him through college, earning a diploma as a Computer Programmer Analyst from St. Lawrence College. This initial phase set the foundation for a career underpinned by continuous learning and achievement, evident from his array of certifications, including multiple Cisco certifications as well as Microsoft certification.

Transitioning from his early educational accomplishments, Capobianco’s professional life has spanned over two decades, featuring roles that showcased his technical prowess and strategic vision. His work has significantly impacted both the public and private sectors, including notable positions at the Parliament of Canada, where he served as a Senior IT Planner and Integrator, and at Cisco, where he began as a Developer Advocate. These roles have been instrumental in shaping his perspective on network management and security, leading to his recent advancement into a Technical Leader role in Artificial Intelligence for Cisco Secure, reflecting his commitment to integrating AI technologies for enhancing network security solutions.

In addition to his professional and technical achievements, Capobianco is also an accomplished author. His book Automate Your Network: Introducing the Modern Approach to Enterprise Network Management, published in March 2019, encapsulates his philosophy toward leveraging automation for efficient and effective network management. He is dedicated to lifelong learning and professional development, supported by a solid foundation in education and a broad spectrum of certifications, and now aims to share his knowledge with others through this book, YouTube videos, and blogs. John can be found on X using @john_capobianco.