Anthony Sabella

Anthony Sabella, CCIE No. 5374, is the lead cybersecurity architect for the Enterprise Chief Technology Office at Cisco and has worked at Cisco for eight years. Anthony leads innovative work streams on methods to break free from manual tasks by applying the latest virtualization and orchestration techniques to cybersecurity. He combines this with machine learning concepts and the ingestion of intelligence feeds, to design effective solutions that can self-manage and self-heal. Anthony applies these concepts across a variety of use cases, including financial institutions, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing (examples included in this book).

Before joining Cisco, Anthony worked as principal engineer for a global service provider for 13 years, where he created cybersecurity solutions for enterprise customers. Anthony was also the cofounder and CTO for a technology consulting firm responsible for designing cybersecurity solutions for both commercial and enterprise customers. Anthony’s expertise has resulted in speaking engagements at major conferences around the world for both Cisco and its major partners. Anthony holds a master’s degree in computer science and an active CCIE, and he is a contributing member in the IEEE Cyber Security community.

Rik Irons-Mclean is the Industry Principal for Oil & Gas at Cisco. Rik has worked at Cisco for 11 years and has had lead roles in IoT/IIoT, communications and security for power utilities and process control industries, and energy management and optimization. He has led technical global teams in taking new products to market in all theaters, specializing in driving new technology adoption in both established and emerging markets. Before joining Cisco, he worked for a Cisco service provider partner for eight years, where he focused on converged solutions.

Rik has represented Cisco in a number of industry and standards bodies, including Open Process Automation, IEC 61850 for industrial communications, and IEC 62351 for industrial security. Additionally, he elected the U.K. lead for Cigre SC D2 for communications and security in the power industry. Rik has written for a number of industry publications and authored whitepapers on such topics as industrial cybersecurity, IoT security, distributed industrial control systems, next-generation operational field telecoms, fog computing, and digital IoT fabric architectures.

Rik holds a bachelor of science degree and a master of business administration degree, focused on international leadership. He is currently studying for a doctorate in cybersecurity.

Marcelo Yannuzzi is a principal engineer at the Chief Strategy Office in Cisco. Marcelo leads strategic innovation in the areas of IoT, security, and novel architectures fusing cloud and fog computing. He has led flagship innovations across different industry verticals, some of which are outlined in this book. Marcelo also provides strategic advisory on new business opportunities and technologies for Cisco and start-ups.

Before joining Cisco, Marcelo was the head of the Advanced Network Architectures Lab at the Department of Computer Architecture in a Barcelona university. He was the cofounder and CTO of a start-up for which Cisco was its first customer. Marcelo is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, including top journals and conferences in the areas of IoT, fog computing, security, NFV, software-defined systems (SDX), multilayer network management and control, sensor networks, and mobility. Marcelo has led several European research projects and contracts in the industry, and his research was funded multiple times by Cisco. He is a frequent speaker and invited panelist at major conferences and forums. He held previous positions as an assistant professor at the physics department in a university’s school of engineering.

Marcelo holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and both a master of science degree and a Ph.D. in computer science.