Jean-Philippe Vasseur

Jim Guichard, CCIE® No. 2069, is a system architect at Cisco Systems®, with a primary focus on MPLS/IP Layer-2 and Layer-3 VPN technologies. During the last eight years at Cisco®, and previously at IBM, Jim has been involved in the design, implementation, and planning of many large-scale WAN and LAN networks.


François Le Faucheur is a system architect at Cisco Systems working in product development and IETF standardization in the area of IP QoS and MPLS. Prior to joining Cisco, he worked for several telecom carriers in France and Australia on the development of enhanced services on ATM, Frame Relay, SMDS, and IP. 


Jean-Philippe Vasseur is Cisco Distinguished Engineer where he works on IP/MPLS  architecture specifications, focusing on IP, TE, and network recovery. He holds an engineering degree from France and an M.S. from the SIT (New Jersey, USA). Before joining Cisco, he worked for several service providers in large multiprotocol environments. He is an active member of the IETF, co-chair of the IETF PCE (Path Computation Element) Working Group and coauthor of several IETF RFCs. He is a regular speaker at various international conferences and is involved in various projects in the area of IP and MPLS. He has also filed several patents in the area of IP and MPLS and is the coauthor of “Network Recovery".