Curtis Murphy

Curtis Murphy, CCIE #1521, is an engineer in Cisco's Serviceability Design Department in Research Triangle Park, specializing in IOS software products. He has worked in the networking industry since 1989 and at Cisco since 1994. While at Cisco, he has worked both as an IBM protocols specialist in the Technical Assistance Center and as a software engineer in IOS Software Development for mid-range and high-end routers.

Russ White, CCIE #2635, is a member of the IOS Network Protocols Deployment and Scalability Team at Cisco, where he is involved in the design and implementation of routing protocols and scalable network design.

Vijay Bollapragada, CCIE #1606, is currently a manager in the Solution Engineering team at Cisco, where he works on new world network solutions and resolves complex software and hardware problems with Cisco equipment. Vijay also teaches Cisco engineers and customers several courses, including Cisco Router Architecture, IP Multicast, Internet Quality of Service, and Internet Routing Architectures. He is also an adjunct professor in Duke University's electrical engineering department.